How outsourcing benefits your company

Provided below is a list of services which include Temporary Staffing, On-Site Management, and Payroll Services. Dynamic Packaging Solutions Inc. provides custom employment solutions and staffing for Northern Indiana and surrounding areas. Hourly and piece rate quotes are available to ensure the best possible service at an affordable cost.

Our workforce undergoes a thorough screening process so that we can be sure to match our clients with the best qualified people for the required positions every time.

Our workforce is screened through face to face interviews with our management team that includes behavioral interviewing, a safety evaluation, as well as a detailed orientation describing the clients’ and Dynamic Packaging Solutions Inc expectations.

Temporary Staffing

Dynamic Packaging Solutions Inc. is not an employment agency. We will provide employees, either on a short term or long-term basis and even can provide on-site management to determine your needs. Tell us how long your assignment is, and we will do what is needed to maintain consistency.

  • We service a wide range of skill sets
  • Employees go through the same screening processes as any other employee
  • We help you meet those key production deadlines

On-Site Management

Dynamic Packaging Solutions Inc offers on-site management for those larger volume temporary workforce accounts.

  • We will partner with your company by utilizing our expertise in providing the right people in the right positions while reducing your risk to payroll and workman’s compensation.
  • With on-site management, we help your company meet its goals.
  • In many cases, we will provide one main point of contact up to providing an on-site manager/coordinator.

Payroll Services

Dynamic Packaging Solutions Inc offers a payroll service for the labor we provide. We maintain all aspects of the payroll administration process for the labor we provide, giving our clients the task to better focus on their core business.

  • Dynamic Packaging Solutions Inc assumes the obligations for the labor we provide to include wages, payroll deductions, unemployment insurance and workers’ compensation.
  • Your company continues to verify/monitor hours worked.
  • Dynamic Packaging Solutions Inc provides weekly invoicing to our clients.
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